Speed up ‘on the go’ bulk processing with zero upfront costs, Reduce turn time by 30%

Within the Mortgage industry, originators need to process loans in bulk. A proven OCR tool like VLR can do the job for you and save you 30% turn time, and that too with no upfront costs.

Speed up ‘on the go’ bulk processing with zero upfront costs, Reduce turn time by 30%

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Within the Mortgage industry, there are several instances where originators must process loans in bulk. For example, a wholesaler trying to process multiple files uploaded by brokers across the states at one go; a correspondent lender selling loans in bulk to the principal (and indexing those loans per stacking orders handed down by the principal). Much of this work would be impossible without OCR.

Investing in technology comes with upfront costs and ROI on the investments are not certain and take time. If you can use a proven OCR tool like VLR in a ‘pay per use’ model, then you don’t need to worry about any upfront costs, nor do you need to wait for any development time.

You can directly start using the technology to digitize loan applications in quick time and reduce cycle time by at least 30%.

Terms & Conditions

  1. You can upload 3-5 documents totalling to 25-45 pages. File size should not be more than 5MB per file. File formats should be either in .pdf or .jpg. Image quality needs to be clear and visible.
  2. This assignment is done without any commercial charges to the customer and is done solely to showcase capabilities of our tool. Visionet will not have any legal binding and will not be liable for any errors, if any, in the file we deliver back to you.
  3. While completing your registration, please use your official company id. Registrations done on personal email ids will not be processed.
  4. In case of any errors in files uploaded, our team will get in touch with you, else we will send the output within 4 business hours as an email attachment.

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