The proprietary solution to automate bulk property search requirements


Assure accuracy, accelerate processing with automated bulk title search

AI/ML Powered Technology

Leverage AI/ML powered technology to automate bulk title search. Improve quality and reduce turn time

Proven Processes

Over 2 decades of title industry expertise in processing title search volume of over 25,000/month

6 Out of 8 Top Title Companies Trust
Our Title Search and Production Capability

Digitized Title Research and Collation

Key Features

  • Online access to 2000+ counties, maximum in the industry
  • Proprietary middleware, AtClose to guide researchers to the right digital resources
  • Automated Tool based data extraction and auto generation of reports
  • Auto-typing helps in faster report generation and avoids manual errrors

Business Benefits

  • Faster processing of title search
  • Improved accuracy leveraging AI/ML
  • Reduced cost of running title search
  • Faster generation of reports in formats as specified by the client

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