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20+ Years of Experience

Supporting the title & settlement industry. Organizations of all sizes have benefited from the title & settlement outsourcing capabilities

AI/ML Powered Technology

Leverage AI/ML powered technology to automate bulk title search. Improve accuracy and reduce turn time

Reduce Cost of Title Operations

Improve quality, reduce costs by moving operations to a more efficient variable pricing model

Title search & typing

We go through nationwide real estate records and all recorded documents/land records to get you the search reports that you need. We can do this using online data sources or by utilizing abstractor services.
Some of the reports and services we provide include
  • Current owner search reports
  • Two owner search reports
  • Full search & Municipal lien certificates
  • Lien and judgement searches
  • Field abstractor management & Commitment typing
  • Owner & encumbrance and legal & vesting reports

Tax research

We deliver comprehensive property tax, municipal lien, and code violation reports to the title and banking industry. Our services include residential and commercial pre-closing tax certificates, code and assessment violation reports, escrow and non-escrow reporting & tax line setup.
Some of the reports and services we provide include
  • Property tax reports
  • Tax certification
  • Utilities including water, sewer, storm water and more
  • Municipal lien certificates
  • Code violations
  • Building permits

Audit & closing support

We provide efficient and professional audit and review services geared towards streamlining the entire post-closing process. Our accurate audits and timely reporting can slash your operating costs by reducing the need to hire and train internal resources.
Some of the reports and services we provide include
  • Closing disclosure preparation
  • Pre-closing audits & Pay-off services
  • Title curative & Loan payoff
  • Judgement payoff
  • Tax payoff
  • Trailing documents

Post closing

We offer a wide range of post-closing products and services for curing, perfecting, and completing collateral files.
Some of the reports and services we provide include
  • Lien release tracking
  • Post close QC
  • Document retrieval
  • Print and mail services
  • Final policy preparation

Vendor management

Through the entire closing process, you may need to work with multiple vendors. We simplify this for you through our vendor management platform.
Some of the reports and services we provide include
  • Managing escalations & resolutions related to the orders
  • Engage & manage vendors throughout the lifecycle
  • Notifications related to order status

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