Being There for Your Customers in the Time of Crisis

By April 30, 2020

Most financial institutions, including mortgage lenders, have business continuity plans in place, but the unprecedented situation has created a vulnerability in fully addressing the unknown variables. Many mortgage lenders are seeing a spike in refinance applications after rate cuts by the Fed. A financial institution’s response to these issues in current times is one of the most critical aspects that will determine their relationship with their customers and employees in the future. This is also the time when it is most important to be available for customers and provide them the much-needed reassurance.

Organizations need to rethink their communications strategy by leveraging a plethora of channels including text, email, website, and social media. It is also imperative to set up strong communication systems to connect with customers on a regular basis, considering the fact that it may take a while for the situation to regularize.

We at Visionet have ensured that we are with our customers at every step and are pro-actively taking measures to ease their anxiety.

Ensuring continuous communication

In present times, providing customers clear information and reassurance is a significant move. Businesses need to regularly communicate with their customers and tell them how they are managing the situation. Effective communication during a crisis like this can bolster business image in the eyes of customers. At Visionet, we are working across channels to improve communication efficiency, compliance, and business continuity no matter the circumstance.

We have ensured that our communication channels are open, albeit on a remote level. We have accelerated the level of communication with our customers and are keeping them informed of situations as they are evolving. There has been anxiety among customers about the status of their orders.

In a recent quote, Mike, who heads operations at a leading title agency said “Visionet has been a great outsourcing partner.  Easy to work with and they provide cost savings and have moved us to a more variable cost model.  Harish and his team make it easy to onboard new processes to their group.”

Leveraging tech to bolster our BCP plan

Even though most of our teams are working remotely, we are putting in our best efforts to ensure that business is on track. We could enable remote working where possible while letting skeletal staff work from office locations for the emergency services delivery. This is where we have managed to leverage the best of our technology, automation, and connectivity. Even as some organizations globally struggled to scale work-from-home capabilities, we managed to step-up on this count. We could continue delivering on business commitments, without compromising employee safety and productivity, because of our state-of-the-art tech solutions. Companies that were already deploying seamless technology have been able to deliver in the COVID-19 situation without having any lapse in their client continuity and service.

Utilizing reliable tools for seamless communication

During this time, we realized that reliable and secure communication tools are very important to ensure productivity and guard against data loss. All our employees are working seamlessly with client workflows and are meeting rigorous compliance standards. We have managed to put in a series of initiatives to enable remote working while ensuring data security. This is helping us be on track with customer orders and expectations.

We have invested in dashboards for anytime status updates. We are also updating dashboards across our projects daily so that customers can be abreast about the status of their projects at any time. Our dashboards can be accessed on both the desktop as well as the mobile platform.

Offering round-the-clock customer experience

In order to alleviate anxiety, we have ensured that all our clients can reach us across any of our digital channels. Once we receive communication from our customers, we respond within two business hours. In a case where the resolution may take time, we inform our customers about the delay, so that they are in the loop.

In a recent testimonial, Cody Sellers, Director of Operations at Solidifi says “Visionet is committed to great service and their client’s success. Their operational leads are always available to assist with anything. Visonet’s turn time is great and their quality of work is very reliable. They’re an absolute pleasure to partner with!”

Easing our delivery

We are putting our best foot forward to ensure uninterrupted deliveries across our centers in different geographical zones. With several countries in lockdown, we are making the most of the locations that are available for deliveries. In this way, we are balancing our load in a robust manner to provide a continuous experience to our customers.


As businesses are rapidly adjusting to the changing needs of their customers, employees and suppliers, we at Visionet too are striving to ensure streamlined operations. We are committed to get over this together with support from our all our people who are standing by us. We hope to emerge stronger out of this! In case you have any specific queries, suggestions or complaints, do feel free to reach us at

Thomas Lin

Thomas Lin

Thomas is a Real estate professional with over 25 years of experience in the mortgage banking and financial services sector specializing in client relationship management, business process management and digital technology sales within the mortgage originations and servicing space. He has additional experience in default mortgage servicing and commercial portfolio/asset management. He is a strategic thinker, the performance-driven leader with broad origination and servicing experience, excellent communication skills, and experience in strategic planning.