Visionet, a #BankablePartner – in Tough Times and Forever

By August 13, 2020

The need to improve the digital footprint and improve consumer experiences has always been felt in the BFSI sector. The current global pandemic gave it a major push. Financial institutions are increasingly reassessing their business models, core systems structure, and commitment to innovation while continuing to cater to their customers.

During the pandemic, partner companies offering digital technology solutions to the BFSI industry also assumed increasing importance. These companies had to take rapid, highly informed decisions, along with immediate actions to protect and support their client’s business interests. They had to ensure that their critical business operations continued through the pandemic. While many faltered on the front, few like Visionet stood firm to their commitment, delivering exclusive solutions to their global BFSI clients in the face of the crisis.

Ever since its inception, and particularly when it mattered the most, Visionet has adopted a multi-pronged approach to offer maximum value to its clients, helping them transform their operations and scale effectively.

Being the right sized ODC partner across geographies

With the right size of operations, Visionet has ensured ready resources to support clients through personal and customized services. The Offshore Delivery Centers (ODC) that Visionet provides have successfully helped clients drive business results with agility allowing them to focus entirely on business outcomes. Visionet’s ODCs act as virtual extensions of the client’s operating environment bringing in accountability, transparency, and a governance model that gives them greater control over the processes followed.

Most importantly, Visionet’s branches spread across various geographical locations have proved to be a stellar support system for their clients during the pandemic. Through its portfolio of specially designed industry-specific solutions, Visionet has hand-held clients to improve their business performance during the tough times.

100% compliant business and IT operations

In an industry like BFSI, where compliance is an important aspect, strategies need to be balanced appropriately to ensure compliance with a plethora of state and nationwide regulations. About 96% of financial institutions experience higher compliance costs due to recent regulatory reforms, increased personnel, and time and resource allocation.

Visionet helps clients meticulously meet regulations and ensures that there is no oversight. This helps them avoid a significant amount of time, costs, and efforts that must be spent otherwise.

Domain expertise for agile, nimble, quick operations

Time is of the essence in the BFSI sector, and Visionet offers quick onboarding procedures and immediate start of operations. With cost-effective solutions that provide maximum savings to the client, Visionet’s USP is its ready set up that manages people, technology, and processes.

Through its unique combination of technology, digital operations, and proprietary technology products, Visionet offers unique solutions in banking, mortgage, and allied areas with multi-layered quality checks and audits to ensure quality results. Visionet teams work extensively with clients to create and implement uniform procedures across their departments for improvement in TAT.

Intelligent automation

Through its enterprise automation solutions, Visionet has helped clients simplify, accelerate, and make their business resilient, especially during these demanding times. Its fast, automated, high tech solutions have helped replace repetitive, low-value tasks with touchless processes that deliver better results at superhuman speed.

The innovative solutions have helped augment the staff capabilities of clients with virtual workers operating at peak efficiency around the clock. With a large team of highly skilled automation professionals, Visionet provides a complete range of enterprise automation services that span Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Cognitive Automation, and Custom Automation solutions.

Clients enjoy error-free and more secure processing because of a reduction in manual processing. Visionet has also helped clients solve their business issues with minimal human intervention, established 24×7 operations support for optimal resource utilization, improve information security, speed up existing processes. Clients have been able to deploy and make available solutions quickly and reduce recruitment, training, and operating costs.

Anytime, anywhere availability of infrastructure

At a time when digital infrastructure is of prime importance for the BFSI industry, Visionet’s expert teams have helped clients adapt effective cloud-based infra solutions as per their business needs. Clients are guided towards relevant cloud enablement services that align with their requirements and application portfolio, reduce IT costs for them, and improve team productivity and business agility. By deploying secure and cost-effective cloud-based solutions, clients have managed to bring about a 50% reduction in cloud administration and support costs.

Visionet’s teams craft a customized cloud adoption strategy after a thorough cost-benefit analysis and drawing up the IT roadmap for the client. The best cloud platforms are then recommended as per needs that are best suited for workloads and LOB solutions.

For the past several years, Visionet has bolstered its image as a #bankablepartner by offering its clients a unique combination of technology, digital operations, and proprietary mortgage technology products. Especially during these troubled times, the company has shown tremendous commitment by continually delivering industry-leading solutions to global BFSI clients.

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Visionet Marketing Team

Visionet Marketing Team

Visionet is a leading digital technology solutions provider for the BFSI and Residential Mortgage industry. We are passionate to deliver exceptional business outcomes to our clients leveraging deep industry expertise and proprietary mortgage technology products. We post our views on mortgage technology and industry updates through this blog.